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Features: Cursor functions, Repeat clicks, Click interval setup, Hotkeys, and more.

In the world of automations, life has infinitely improved for us humans in the 21st century. From the (almost) primitive steam locomotive, to the inception of AI, mankind has been living in an unprecedented era of modernism and ease.

As is mostly the case, most of the developments have been in the Information and Technology areas. Many such tools have been created in the recent past for Android, Microsoft as well as Macintosh users. One such development is the latest offering from the minds of OP, OP Auto Clicker (Mac).

Why use OP Auto clicker for Mac?

As mentioned earlier, autoclickers have been around for other Operating Systems, however the IOS is a recent beneficiary. With OP Auto Clicker for Mac, you can enjoy all the benefits of a premium quality auto clicker on your Macintosh device, and that too for free. 

Various facilities provided by OP Auto Clicker are as follows.: 

→ Cursor functions:

The cursor can be programmed to click for desired effect. You can choose your auto clicker to move and click in multiple directions, for e.g.right or left, or even middle click. However, scrolling is the task wherein the faculties of an auto clicker is mostly utilised.

→ Repeat clicks:

You can specify the amount of clicks you need. Alternatively, you can also program your click to be repeated until it is stopped by the user. In other words, the auto clicker will initiate and end at your beck and call.

→ Click interval setup:

The default interval for clicking is set to 100 milliseconds, however, the interval can be manipulated as per need by the user.

→ Hotkeys:

The default activation HotKey for the Auto clicker is set to the keyboard key “F6”. But as with all things, this isn’t fixed, and you can change it to your personal choice.

→ Playback & Record:

This feature is not only handy, but is also one of the main reasons that you need to choose OP Auto clicker. You can perform and subsequently record your designated clicks. As soon as the record is established, you can play it back, simulating your movements. Thus you will reduce the amount of human oversight mandatory for performance of a specific task.

→ Safety:

The OP Auto Clicker development team ensures that no additional bloatware adds itself to the application. Rigorous testing is done to confirm that no viruses ride along and infect your operating system. In addition, the OP Auto Clicker has no tiresome pop-up advertisements, which are a staple of most open-source programs.

→ Cost:

The entire premise of OP Auto Clicker is to provide its significant services free of cost. All you need to do is just download the program, set it up on your computer, and your wallet is none the wiser!

→ User-friendly Design:

The application is ideally optimised and uses minimal CPU power as well as memory storage. Moreover, the User Interface is extremely user friendly with almost all the settings on the initial page, minimising clutter. In addition, OP Auto Clicker makes the task automated enough to allow the user to rest their eyes, thus avoiding eye strain.

→ Gaming:

OP Auto Clicker can be extremely handy in gaming. This goes without saying in games such as  first-person shooting games, as well as strategic games such as Minecraft. OP Auto clicker lets you up your shooting speed subsequently enabling you to overtake your competition and shoe in for the win. However, most games have safeguards against auto clickers due to disruption of fairplay. OP Auto clicker has got you covered there as well.

→ Evasive manoeuvres:

Since most games have banned auto clickers, OP auto clicker has specific features to get around that. With options such as changing the clicking speed and intervals, OP auto clicker can help you surpass those pesky hurdles.

How to use OP auto Clicker?

As soon as you have made up your mind regarding your choice of Auto clicker, which would hopefully be OP Auto Clicker, the logical next step would be a guide on how to use this software. 

Step 1 : Go to Google play, or Microsoft store, select “OP Auto Clicker”. 

Step 2: Now download the software as per specifications of your system. I.e  IOS, Android or Windows. 

Step 3: Once downloaded, open the application and start its step up.

Step 4: Now you are all set up to use the software.

  • Click on the interval section, and specify the duration you wish upto milliseconds (if you so wish). 
  • Next specify if you want the cursor to be a left click or right (or even a middle click). Also select click type: single or double. 
  • Set up the number of repeats you need. This can also be left to its default, which is that the clicks will repeat until stopped by the user. 
  • Next up, select the cursor location. You can use the default location or specify the point in the screen you need to use the auto clicker on.

Step 6: At this stage, you are fully primed to use the software. Either use the hotkey (set to F6 as default, but can be changed), or manually click the Start and Stop boxes.

Another aspect of OP Auto clicker is the option of seeking help if and when required. Simply click on the option of “Help” and the technical support will assist you in any way they can. 


→ Is OP Auto clicker safe from Malware or Viruses?

Yes this software has been rigorously tested to make it safe for your system. Only after complete tests was it found to be free from any malware or viruses and fit for consumption for you, the user.

→ I have been banned from a game due to usage of auto clicker, what should I do?

This is a predictable outcome. Most games ban auto clickers due to its fairplay. You need to uninstall the auto clicker from your system. A useful way is to go to the control panel and click on programs, then click on “programs and features”.  Select “OP Auto Clicker” in the drop down menu and then click on “Uninstall”

→ Is OP Auto clicker available as a free download for Macintosh Users?

Yes, this software is freely downloadable and is available on Windows, Google, Android as well Macintosh.