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TG Macro is a PC automation tool that can be used to record and repeat actions. Its small (only 800KB!), ultra compact and 100% portable.

TG Macro is lightweight tool that can be used to automate task in games. With this you can create hundreds of macros and trigger them by key or pixel events. The best part is that its open source and does not require any installation.

The UI of the app is very clean and simple. The dark mode is also available now. On the home you can have all your macros and can be enable them in seconds. The best way is to create a macro and save it for future use. Then only you need to import the project.

TG Macro

Ratings 4.0 (30 reviews)
Op. System Windows
Size 1 MB
Category Tools
Language English
Author trksyln
Price Free
Date Oct 26, 2023

TG Macro supports both mouse and keyboard actions. Therefore you can automate the task that involves the use of mouse and keys. There is also a possibility of adding text and delays in the macros. This makes it a comprehensive automation software.

TG Macro Features


The TGM Macro records both the keyboard and the mouse events. While adding the actions, its simple to add mouse activity with the Record option. This records mouse movements, mouse buttons, keyboard keys and delays. If you need to add the text its also available in the actions.

TG Macro Record settings


The actions of macro can be triggered with the two options including key and pixel events. Its so simple to set the key or the color and its position. You can also import amc recoil scripts in the app which make the process super fast.

TG Macro triggering settings

Open Source

The software is open source and available on Github. Since it is a public repository, anyone can view and contribute to the code. Additionally, it is free and does not contain any advertisements. C# is the programming language used to build the app.


In addition to Da Hood and Cookie Clicker, the tool can be used for any type of automation related task. Besides games, it can also be used in Excel sheets and in other repetitive tasks.

Download TG Macro

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Can using TG Macro get you banned?

In Minecraft, Roblox and other games, TG Macro is really helpful. It is possible that you might get banned if you use any clicking software in the games. Therefore, you should use it at your own risk.

What does macro mean in gaming?

The term macroing refers to using a macro, which can be a tool or a physical device. We may be required to perform long and complicated sequences of actions or keystrokes in gaming. Here is where it comes in handy. There are also some physical macro keyboards available. As an alternative to physical keys, the TGM Macro gaming tool is a great option.